Most frequent questions and answers

First, we talk on the phone and we will give you some information about our services.  Then, we will have someone from our design team come to your home. We prefer to meet with the homeowner, but we can also drive by and put together a design based on our initial phone call.  We will send over a proposal with a written design for you to look over. We can make any necessary changes and then book install.

Yes.  Our labor minimum is $1000 for residential jobs within 30 minutes of San Francisco.  For jobs more than a 30 minute driving distance from San Francisco, the labor minimum is $1500.

Labor includes installation, servicing (if needed)* and removal.

*Servicing is only included when lights and supplies are provided by our team.

The price for a residential holiday lighting installation varies significantly from job to job.  Some residential jobs stay around the $1200-$2500 price range and it can go up from there depending on the scope of work and the size of the installation. Residential job pricing is custom.

Commercial job pricing is custom.  Please contact us to schedule your initial consultation.  We will look at your budget, job site parameters, the scope of work, location of power, necessity of aerial equipment and your design input.  

Residential jobs are installed between October 1 – December 15.

Commercial installations begin in mid-August.

Lights are removed after December 27 and M-F in the month of January.

Our removal calendar is scheduled in mid-December and is based on location so that we can get to all of our clients in a timely manner.  Around December 15-20, you will be sent an email with your removal date.

For October residential installations, we install the lights, but they are not turned on. The lights are left unplugged and on the date you are ready to start having your lights turned on, just plug them in that morning and the timer will turn them on around 4-5pm.

We can do our best accommodate your Christmas light installation whenever you are ready.   Remember that mid-November through mid-December is our peak installation time frame. Many of our existing clients have certain dates that they know they want their lights up and reserve up to a year in advance.

No.  We set the holiday lights up on a timer.  So, you can just plug them into the timer and the timer will handle turning them on and off according to the programmed schedule.  We generally set timers for 4:30-10:30 unless our clients request different timing.

We install Christmas lights all over San Francisco and the entire bay area.   Most of our San Francisco residential clients are in Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights, the Marina and Cow Hollow.  We also have residential clients in Hillsborough, Atherton, San Mateo, Burlingame and other parts of the Peninsula, Berkeley, Oakland and Alameda.  To the North, we work at residences in Sausalito, Mill Valley, Tiburon, Kentfield, Sonoma, Glen Ellen and Napa. or commercial jobs, we install holiday lights in San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Woodside, Alameda, Oakland, Napa, Sonoma and more.  We would be happy to discuss any job particulars and specifics to see if our services are the right fit for you.

We will come to repair any light issues you might have.  Issues can arise due to inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances.  Just call or email us and we will send someone to make your install shine again.

We pride ourselves on excellent service and our success revolves around making you a happy client for years to come.

We lease lights to our clients to ensure that they are always getting the best quality lighting for a fixed price.  When lights are sold to clients, they are often required to store the lights at their homes. During the off-season, lighting can begin to fail for a number of reasons including moisture level in the area of storage and product degradation.  This makes it difficult for us to be prepared with the correct replacement materials prior to the next year’s job installation. When we are in control of the supplies, we are able to test them in advance, check that everything is working and bring the suitable replacements to ensure that your light display always looks the best.

Even though we are using LED lights, they tend to fade after 2-3 seasons of use.  There is a significant and noticeable difference between a 3 year-old strand and a new strand.  We are constantly checking our lights for top performance and we recycle strands after 2-3 seasons of use.

About 90% of our clients are using LED lights for their environmental-friendliness. 

All of our commercial clients are using LED lights.

LEDs use 95% electricity than incandescent lighting, is better for the environment and our client’s electricity bills.

Majority of the time, yes.  We have extremely tall ladders and we can rend additional equipment, if needed.  Sometimes a roofline will not be accessible by ladder or equipment when there is not a suitable place for the safe angle of a ladder, it is simply too tall or we cannot park equipment close enough to the roofline to safely reach it.  Our design team will be able to work with our supervisors when the height or parameters of the job site are questionable.

No, we install lights on Christmas trees as well as indoor garlands and décor.

In Northern California, we are subject to hot, sunny summer days and a coldish, rainy winter, resulting on significant wear and tear on holiday style lighting.  And, the product loses its warranty if installed for more than 90 consecutive days. For this reason, we usually suggest to our clients that they have lights installed and removed within a maximum 3-month time frame.

We do have a few (very few) clients who keep their lights up year round.  However, they are mostly commercial clients who assign a budget for the year-round maintenance of the lights.

We have a couple of residential clients who have elected to keep their holiday lighting permanently on giant oak trees.  These clients also understand that their lighting will likely require maintenance to squirrel damage, product failure or tree growth.

Yes.  However, we ask that they are untangled and in working condition before we arrive.  We are unable to warrant the functionality of lights that are provided by a client. When we use our own lights, servicing is included in your labor fee.

We install bistro-style lighting (Italian piazza lighting) in public squares, over alleyways, biergartens, private courtyards and other outdoor gathering spaces.  This type of lighting is significantly more durable, but will still need to have occasional maintenance. Depending on the specific job site, you may get functional use out of core components of the installation for 3-6 years.  At about 3 years, you may want to consider having all new bulbs installed as LED technology continues to advance annually and the bulbs, albeit still working, will have faded significantly during 3 years of use.

Yes, we are fully-insured with commercial general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and vehicle insurance.